From Holidays to Heaven: Why I Became a Teacher

Why did you come into teaching? 

A wag once said, there are two good things about being a teacher: July and August.  Indeed, there are still more than a few who, despite what they say at interview, came into the profession for the holidays.  

Meanwhile, eleven million people live in poverty in the UK out of a population of 67 million. Poverty is bad, especially for children, as the diagram below illustrates. 

How can we fix poverty in our schools?  From the EEF: 

“Evidence indicates that high quality teaching is the most important lever schools have to improve pupil attainment, including for disadvantaged pupils. Schools should focus on building teacher knowledge and pedagogical expertise, curriculum development, and the purposeful use of assessment.”

Every time you train to get better in the classroom, you’re helping to create a better life for children.  Every time we run a training session, we’re aiming to tackle poverty.  Every time you turn up to work, you’re helping address inequality. 

So, come for the holidays, stay for a place in heaven. 

Not a bad bait and switch is it?